Engineering for the Future

What will the world of tomorrow look like? WPCS envisions new energy sources, safer communities, affordable healthcare and broader educational opportunities. We see a world where people, communities, markets, businesses and industry are seamlessly connected to the information, services and resources needed to live, work, grow and learn.

WPCS sees it all because the future is our business. As a design-build engineering company, we specialize in creating and building the connections and infrastructure that will make the promises of tomorrow a reality.

Established in 2002, WPCS operates globally, providing a comprehensive range of capabilities in wireless communication, specialty construction and electrical power. We provide expertise in the design, project management, installation and maintenance of infrastructure, enabling the deployment of advanced technology, the delivery of information, and the expansion of global economies.

Committed to Growth

WPCS is committed to growth. We are continually expanding our capabilities in domestic and international markets, and are working to establish a leadership position in each market we serve. WPCS continues to balance its goals of profitable operations, return on investment and superior services. We conduct our business ethically and demonstrate leadership in satisfying our responsibilities to our customers, investors, employees and communities.