Project Overview | A New York Renaissance

Advanced first responder communications system at the new World Trade Center features WPCS design capability

At the site of New York's World Trade Center, a 21st century renaissance is rising in architecture, quality of life and technology. Six crystalline towers will be constructed, each soaring skyward, together creating a vibrant urban center of commerce and culture. Designed and built by the world's leading minds, firms and talents, the new World Trade Center will also include the most advanced security features, including a wireless communication system designed by WPCS.

Currently planned for World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and already installed in WTC 7, the first responder system designed by WPCS will ensure reliable communication for all emergency agencies including the Port Authority of New York, and the Fire Department of New York. In designing the system, WPCS worked closely with the architectural and technology design teams to analyze needs and develop performance specifications.

When completed, the towers will be the new glistening jewels of the New York skyline. For those charged with protecting them, a communication system that can always be trusted is an advantage that shines just as brightly.

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